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Cattleya are called the queen of orchids. They are have good perfume smell ,also is very popular flower to look after. We are collect the most award pliant from overseas and our own breeding.

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Chinese Cymbidium

The Chinese cymbidium is a special species from Taiwan with very string perfume smell. It is very rare orchids around the world. We are only one nursery specialist on this rare orchids in Australia.

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Oncidium Anience

Call “Dancing lady” in common from south America. easy grow at back garden or mount on the best verity from overseas and made them to be more popular.

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The best quality of Phalaenopsis in Australia. We breeding the most newest verity of this charming orchids. If you want to get the price from the show, please visit our website for more information.

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African Violet

African violets are almost perfect indoor plants. For a start, they’re quite small so they can fit into the tiniest apartments. They need minimal care and seem happier if they aren’t given too much water, perfect plants for indoor gardeners.

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Desert Rose

Less water, less care and grow in nature. Bright colours greet sharp and the newest verity from the world around. We are the only one nursery breeding the amazing plants in Australia.

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Blooming in warm summer, the hippeastrum presents stunning big flowers that many flower lovers enjoy growing in recent years. We have a big range of hybrids such as single flower, double flower, trumpet and jumbo sizes that comes in red, pink, salmon, orange and white colors.

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A collection of unique jade artifacts suitable as gifts and keepsake.

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Calendar of Key Events

A range of orchid fairs that we are participating. Come and see us at the orchid fairs!